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Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is about using the same amount of energy to do more.  By helping to reduce energy demand efficient technologies help to cut down on the bills and limit pollution  by greenhouse gases.  Power saving opportunities exist across a range of sectors including transport, electric appliances, industrial processes as well as power generation. As populations and incomes grow adopting energy efficient technologies is all the more important to reduce the pressure from rising energy demand on limited energy resources. Especially for African countries being net oil importers  adopting energy efficient practices can help buffer the economy  against oil price volatility, reduce the cost of goods to consumers as well as help make the economy more competitive. 

Lighting with energy saving features offers massive potential for electricity savings.   Phasing out inefficient lighting can cut consumption of electricity by as much as 40% and carbon emissions by as much as 6% on a global level. Energy efficient lighting can also play a role in reducing the number of outages faced by households and businesses by  limiting the hours of peak time demand on electricity grids. Despite its economic advantages global practice shows that markets alone will not stimulate a rapid enough replacement of inefficient older lighting technologies.   ABREC works with public sector bodies as to promote efficient lighting projects as an inexpensive and simple option to realize large gains for the climate and the economy.

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