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ABREC, the Africa's hub for renewable energy About Us

Africa stands at a unique crossroads. Growth experienced over the recent period has ushered a new range of possibilities for enhanced prosperity including an opportunity to enjoy more adequate, reliable and affordable modern energy.  Decisions taken for the future energy sources will have multiple impacts on the wellbeing of African people as well as on efforts to mitigate climate change. Investing in renewable energy and energy efficient technologies can raise incomes, alleviate dependency of African economies on oil, increase energy security, promote universal access to energy and help African economies become more competitive.

Grappling with energy issues as part of the climate change challenge is a necessary step as energy contributes the bulk to greenhouse gas emissions globally. Greenhouse gases triggering climate change will be emitted in increasing quantities by developing countries over the next decades due to accelerated growth in these world regions. About usAssuming clean energy initiatives will help buffer the global climate from negative impacts of regional growth allowing gains realized to be more resilient to climate change.

Investing in clean energy is not only beneficial for the international community but will impact the growth prospects of African nations. Although climate change is occurring on a global level its effects will impact poorer people mostly.  This is because global warming will interact in many ways with natural resources influencing the capacity of ecosystems to provision man with food, water, valuable materials as well as energy upon all of which developing country populations depend heavily. Climate change and food security for instance are strongly interconnected challenges.  Larger rainfall variability and more frequent incidences of drought are expected to lower farm yields. And even as water scarcity intensifies farmers will need to do more with less to meet the food needs of a growing population. Investing in the transition to a carbon free energy system can help contain the worse impacts of climate change that may undermine development gains achieved over decades. 

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